Bhopal(msbishotiya,)Management of Covid Should Be Reviewed RegularlyChief Minister Addresses Ministers Prior to Cabinet Meeting।
 Management of Covid Should Be Reviewed Regularly

Chief Minister Addresses Ministers Prior to Cabinet Meeting

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the ministers should keep an eye on the health infrastructure in the districts. Keep taking stock of the necessary arrangements in the hospitals. Vaccination work is satisfactory, but it has to be done cent per cent. No person should miss a vaccine dose. Keeping an eye on the situation of infection in the third wave of Covid, economic activities should be conducted with full precautions. The works and livelihoods of the poor should not be affected, everyone should adopt precautions of wearing masks and keeping mutual distance. Ministers should play a leadership role with public cooperation in the control of Covid as done in both the earlier waves. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing the ministers before the meeting of the Council of Ministers at Mantralaya today.Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the ministers should continue to take stock of the works and infrastructural arrangements for prevention, treatment and management of corona. Ministers and other public representatives should also keep an eye on the home isolation system. It should be ensured that the health information of infected patients is taken daily by the doctors over the phone.Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh is in the category of big states, having successful control of Covid. In other states where the positivity is above 10, in the country it is 14.75, while in Madhya Pradesh it is only 7 percent. The state has given the first dose of vaccine to 97 percent and the second dose to 90.6. Despite this, we do not have to be careless, we together have to take full care of and ensure treatment of the citizens who have been infected. Their morale is also to be boosted. Using the model of people-participation of Covid control of Madhya Pradesh, work is being done to bring the common people out of the problem even in the present conditions. Everyone's cooperation in this work will lead to success.

Presentation of Health Department

Additional Chief Secretary Shri Mohd. Suleman informed that only 2.2 percent positive patients in the state are admitted in hospitals. The rest are taking advantage of home isolation. Infected citizens are getting the guidance of doctors in Covid Care Centres and homes. Regular communication is also being done with the citizens living in home isolation.

Key points of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan's address

The meeting of the Cabinet under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan began with the mass singing of the national song Vande Mataram in the Mantralaya hall today. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan gave instructions on various points and expressed expectation from the ministers.

  • After the departmental review meetings, work should be done by taking the priorities in the road map of the department.

  • Keep in mind the priority points in the budget also. Implementation of plans should be taken seriously.

  • Ministers should review the schemes regularly.

  • Work should be done at the department level on the issues of Varanasi Conclave. Issues related to the department should be included in the priorities.

  • If necessary, re-packaging of flagship schemes should be done. Keep trying for improvement and better implementation.

  • There will be programmes on Sant Ravidas Jayanti in the coming month. Start preparing for it now.

  • Suggestions of the general public should also be taken in the preparation of the budget.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed that last night he visited the night shelters and met the citizens who spent the night there. Ministers should also see places like Rain Baseras in the districts. Also see the arrangements to protect citizens from the fury of cold. Get the cooperation of social organisations in this work. Work should be done to help the poor and destitute people.।